I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend.— Freddie Mercury.

If you’ve read my review of The Struts at the TLA, or just know me in general whether personally or from my social media platforms, you know just how obsessed I am with this band.

Very rarely have I ever been able to say that a NEW and MODERN band is one of my favorites EVER as usually I tend to gravitate towards groups that were in their prime before I was even born—but—I can say that The Struts have changed all that. Rock and Roll is SAVED!

Today (October 26th), the band released their sophomore record YOUNG&DANGEROUS. Having heard the promotional singles including ‘Body Talks‘ and ‘Primadonna Like Me‘ and even hearing some new tracks on their current tour, I already knew that this album was going to be nothing short of stellar. And boy was I right.

If you guessed that I listened to the new record as soon as 12AM EST hit, then BINGO! You guessed correctly.

As many know, sophomore albums are definitely not the easiest. With the added pressure to give out content that not only matches your debut but to TOP it and keep all of your momentum going as a group; it’s not the simplest feat. But I without a doubt believe that The Struts have managed to complete this difficult task with unbelievable ease that leaves every up and coming band wondering just how they did it.

Luke Spiller and Laura Cartier

The record opens up with the first single released from the record, ‘Body Talks‘ which is later revisited on the last song of the record with a version of the tune featuring singer Kesha. The opening track is then followed by follow up single, ‘Primadonna Like Me‘ (whose music video features my favorite human Alice Cooper—yes, Alice Cooper AND The Struts), and my hands down favorite song off of the record, ‘In Love With A Camera‘, an upbeat melodic tune (dare I say very reminiscent of The Darkness) that I can’t help but believe could possibly be somewhat inspired by Spiller‘s longtime girlfriend Laura Cartier who has her own successful career as a model. I have a very strong feeling that this will be the next single off the record—you heard it here first folks. (Can we have a video too please?!? PRETTY PLEASE?!?)

Another personal favorite of mine is track number six on the record, “Who Am I?” A pop, disco-esque tune with a haunting chorus that has you asking by the end who YOU are.

Luke Spiller performing with The Struts. Taken from The Struts official Facebook page.

Songs ‘People‘, ‘Fire (Part 1)‘, ‘Ashes (Part 2)’, ‘Somebody New‘, and ‘Bulletproof Baby‘ are songs currently being showcased on the band’s current Body Talks Tour so I have had a chance to hear them before the official album release. But I was thrilled to finally get a second listen and hear the final recordings of these tracks. From reading comments from fans on the band’s social media platforms, I can definitely see that ‘Somebody New‘, a ballad on the topic of not being prepared for new love, seems to be a major fan favorite and I think many fans seeing the band in the coming weeks will be thrilled to see this tune live.

Then you have rather fun songs like ‘I Do It So Well‘ where you see a little bit of rapper Luke Spiller coming out to play offering fans something a tad different from the usual Struts sound. And you guessed it. They did that great too. The question is not ‘what can they do?’, it’s ‘what CAN’T they do?!?’

The Struts performing on the 2018 Body Talks Tour. Taken off of The Struts official Facebook page.

All in all, this album is nothing short of fantastic and without a doubt up to par with The Struts’ debut, Everybody Wants. Like I mentioned in my review of the band’s show, what I admire so much is their ability to yes, be inspired by specific artists, bands, and time periods (as the band themselves would never deny their obvious influence from some of the biggest bands of the time), but to be able to take their influences and re-create them into their own unique sound. Instead of trying to be Queen, their group could fit right alongside Queen, The Sweet, T-Rex, and every other notable 1970’s glam band. Not everyone can achieve this and in my opinion, this strength is so admirable and I believe gives The Struts the ability and leg up to have longevity for not only their career but their music—(*cough* Greta Van Fleet, I would definitely recommend taking ALL the notes from these guys *cough*).

I really do have faith that these guys will be around in 50 years, and I will be in the audience reminiscing on witnessing The Struts in all their glory at the TLA when I was an 18 year old. And this? This makes me a happy rock and roll fan.

Final thoughts?


RATING: 10/10 + ∞ (is that allowed?!?)

The Struts 2018. Taken from The Struts official Facebook page.

1. Body Talks
2. Primmadonna Like Me
3. In Love With A Camera
4. Bulletproof Baby
5. Who Am I?
6. People
7. Fire (Part 1)
8. Somebody New
9. Tatler Magazine
10. I Do It So Well
11. Freak Like You
12. Ashes (Part 2)
13. Body Talks ft. Kesha

Be sure to check out The Struts official website HERE to not only purchase the record, but merch, and of course tickets to see them when they come to YOUR town because I’m telling you right now, you don’t want to miss these guys.

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