Photo by CJ Harvey

Philadelphia punkers The Retinas have independently released their debut self-titled full length album. Thomas McHughAndy Silverman, and Anthony Fulginitti come together for an eleven-track masterpiece which is home to a soundscape of dreamy guitars, infectious vocal melodies, and fuzzy bass. “Afterthought” starts the record off with a bang while the much-loved “Problem With The World” keeps the good vibes flowing. Tracks such as “Visual Snow” and “Vote For Pedro” offers a cheekier, poppier side to The Retinas’ lovable flavor of punk. As the album closes with glorious noisy ballad “Family Ties,” it’s clear that The Retinas is more than just a fantastic indie punk record; it’s a rowdy basement concert you talk about for years to come. It’s a cool frozen cocktail on a warm beach with a clear sky. It’s a late night drive with friends on an empty highway with the windows rolled all the way down. 

The Retinas offer an alternative to the idealistic fantasies and contradictions to the American dream with their music. After years of cutting their teeth in the windowless rooms of basements and other DIY spaces far and wide, the band has become more than just a bunch of lovable locals; they’re giving an antidote to the status quo, and they’re not looking back for one second.

Like their namesake, the band’s music unabashedly reveals something so often overlooked. In your face and heartfelt (in the best of ways), The Retinas are pure rock ‘n’ roll. They’re the real deal. Committed to being genuine and transparent, these best buds always know how to have a good time.

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Press Release courtesy of Muddy Paw PR.

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