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🎶📸🎸 I photographed my first show right around this time 9 years ago… 1st photo is of me and friends from back in those days. Second photo is from the first show I ever photographed – a heavy metal band named Lazarus A.D. 🙌 . 9. Years. Ago. . What was to be a normal evening of heading to another thrash metal show and me randomly deciding to bring my new $200 mirrorless camera along turned in my life changing completely. . That camera’s purpose then was to take better photos of my hair portfolio while I was attending cosmetology school … The man upstairs had a different plan for me tho. . All the years before that day spent fueling my soul of music, going to live shows, watching music documentaries, reading rock magazines and memoirs – finally made sense the moment I pressed the shutter and captured that first live image. . There it was. That was what I was seeking all along. It found me there in a rock club in the middle of Joliet, IL. My passion. My purpose. . A passion that I didn’t even know I had. A passion that was about to take me on thee most insane ride of my life thus far. I can say that because I have been designing and riding that roller coaster for the past 3,288 days. 78,912 hours. 4,734,720 minutes. Give or take. . A lot of those moments spent crying. Being bad at my craft. Listening to the opinions of others. Getting laughed at. Doubting myself. Making mistakes. Being broke. Facing adversity. Failures. Redirection. Setbacks. Loneliness. Disappointment. . I wouldn’t take one of those low moments away. Not one. Because they shaped me and taught me every lesson I needed to go through to make room for… . Happiness. Self awareness. Experience. Tenacity. Patience. Opportunity. Confidence. Knowledge. Grittiness. Character. Work ethic. Resilience. Relentlessness. This list goes on … . The most important one of all – patience. Nothing great you have your eyes set on will happen overnight. You have to understand that simple fact from the beginning or else you’re going to be throwing in the towel before the magic ever happens. I almost did many times… . Keep reading in comments 👇🏽👇🏽

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On Episode 11 of the Metal From The Inside podcast, Sydney sits down with photographer and videographer for bands like Poison, Cheap Trick, KISS, and more, Tammy Vega. The pair talk about what it takes to have a career in the music industry, including a positive mindset, passion, and a willingness to go after your calling, as well as how Tammy discovered her own passion for photography, how she got her start in the industry, and so much more!

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