If you’ve been waiting for a dose of canorous classic rock to reach your ears and give you some kind of solace from the insanity that has been 2020 – Stockholm, Sweden’s Dead Lord is here to give it to ya. Over the last decade, Sweden has had a rather large part in creating modern-day hard rock bands with mostly classic influences, drawing from ’70s and ’80s hard rock and metal bands that have become deeply rooted within the music industry and rock ‘n’ roll culture. Dead Lord is no exception. Hailing from Stockholm, the band made up of Hakim Krim, Martin Nordin, and Adam Lindmark, have just released their fourth studio record via Century Media Records entitled ‘Surrender.’

Dead Lord broke into the rock ‘n’ roll world with their 2013 debut, ‘Goodbye Repentance‘ which turned the heads of rock and roll fans alike. The trio have stayed consistent with record releases since then – bringing us 2015’s ‘Heads Held High‘ and 2017’s ‘In Ignorance We Trust.’ Dead Lord is back this fall with ‘Surrender‘ and they did not disappoint.

Upon the first listen of the album’s opening track, “Distance Over Time“, it’s immediately obvious the band’s main influence for 2020’s ‘Surrender‘ is ’70s classic rock bands along the likes of Thin Lizzy, UFO, and even early KISS. Their upbeat and empowering guitar-driven sound undoubtedly follows Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson‘s formula of dueling harmonizing guitar runs. Krim‘s vocals come in at the 0:26 mark, giving us a loosely Phil Lynott inspired vocal performance that is both fervent and melodic. This theme continues to run deep through the album. Despite the darker, melancholy lyrics, ‘Surrender‘ goes on to continue giving us feel-good, nostalgic tracks such as “Authority“, “Evil Always Wins“, and “Messin’ Up.”

The only issue prevalent within Dead Lord‘s ‘Surrender‘ is the slight lean away from originality. It seems sometimes that Dead Lord‘s own unique sound is lost within the ode to band’s of old. In the same vain, although some would say the record is a little too Thin Lizzy-esque, I don’t think Dead Lord were attempting to create a revolutionary new style or sound with ‘Surrender‘, but rather a ‘fun’ record incorporating their influences with a modern-day twist. All in all, Dead Lord‘s ‘Surrender‘ is just what ‘classic rock’ fans ordered.

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HIGHLIGHTS: “Distance Over Time” , “Authority” , “Evil Always Wins” , ‘Messin’ Up.’

RATING: 4/5.

1. Distance Over Time
2. Letter From Allen St.
3. Authority
4. Evil Always Wins
5. Messin’ Up
6. Dark End Of The Rainbow
7. Bridges
8. The Loner’s Ways
9. Gonna Get Me
10. Dystopia

Hakim Krim / Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Martin Nordin / Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bass
Adam Lindmark / Drums
Ryan Kemp / Live Bass

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